31 Jan 2017

2017 Master Games Entries List

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Below is the current entry list. You can register for the master games on their website.

Please note this list is manually updated – so it may take some time for recent registrations to appear on this list.

68 entries, updated 31/1/2017

EventName FirstName LastName Club
Performance Neal Absalom BHB
Performance Malcom Ayers Capital
Performance John Baines MBC
Performance Paul Beckett BBC
Performance Graeme Bertram ABC
Performance Warwick Blanchard MBC
Performance Gordon Browne BBC
Performance Bruce Buckland MBC
Performance Grant Clark ABC
Performance Barry Cole ABC
Performance Geoff Combes TOTS
Performance Colin Cook MBC
Performance Andrew Curtis MBC
Performance Jon Davies ABC
Performance Rosemary Davies ABC
Performance Rudi Dekker MBC
Performance Michael Denton Canterbury
Performance Neil Forrester ABC
Performance John Graham BHB
Performance Geoff Green ABC
Performance John Healey BHB
Performance David Heilbron ABC
Performance Terry Helm Canterbury
Performance Trevor Hookway ABC
Performance Ray Kelly ABC
Performance Bob Louden ABC
Performance Dean Maher MBC
Performance John Marshall BHB
Performance Dee McCrea Canterbury
Performance Peter McCrea Canterbury
Performance Ted McDonald BBC
Performance Rudolph Meltzer Canterbury
Performance Brian Neal ABC
Performance Ian Neal MBC
Performance Bernard O'Donnell MBC
Performance Fred Oosterhof ABC
Performance Wayne Osborne ABC
Performance Trev Register MBC
Performance Arron Schroder MBC
Performance Greg Schultz ABC
Performance John Sherlock ABC
Performance Julian Steven MBC
Performance Alex Stol ABC
Performance Paul Thomas MBC
Performance Ian Timperley Capital
Performance Tony Unsworth BHB
Performance Carlo van den Dijssel MBC
Performance Ernst Watts MBC
Performance Francis Zampese TOTS
Performance Deb Davidson BBC
Performance Colin Davidson BBC
Performance John Nicolson ABC
Performance John Toomath MBC
Performance Ross McLean BHB
Performance Jude Harris ABC
Performance Ron Pilcher MBC
Performance Andrew Stewart MBC
Performance Steve Fox BBC
Production Robert Deighton MBC
Production Barry Emms Canterbury
Production Louise Meltzer Canterbury
Production John Pohlen BHB
Cruiser 35+ Cecilia Dalrymple MBC
Cruiser 35+ Ross Harris MBC
Cruiser 35+ Steven Nichols BHB
Cruiser 35+ Warren Pedley MBC
Cruiser 35+ Mark Garner MBC
Cruiser 35+ Beau Frericks MBC
Cruiser 35+ Peter Curtis MBC
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