17 Aug 2017

2017 NZO Entry List

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Below is the entry list for the 2017 NZO Open. Note divisions are calculated from competitors entry weight – refer to notice of race regarding minimum numbers in a division.

First Name Last Name Club Class Division
Forrester Neil Auckland Performance Middleweight
Justin Annan Canterbury Performance Lightweight
Dee Mccrea Canterbury Performance Middleweight
Peter Mccrea Auckland Performance Super Heavyweight
Mike Gray Canterbury Performance Lightweight
Bernie O’donnell Manawatu Performance Heavyweight
John Guard Canterbury No Entry Lightweight
Jonathan Burke Auckland Performance Heavyweight
Jim Gordon Canterbury Performance Lightweight
Paul Beckett Bay Performance Super Heavyweight
Shannon Fox Bay Performance Lightweight
Stacey Fox Bay Performance Heavyweight
Steve Fox Bay Performance Super Heavyweight
Derek Miles Auckland Production Middleweight
Russell Harray Auckland Performance Heavyweight
Jo Cook Manawatu No Entry Lightweight
Colin Cook Auckland No Entry Heavyweight
Warwick Blanchard Manawatu No Entry Lightweight
John Guard Canterbury Production Heavyweight
Bruce Hales Auckland Performance Heavyweight
Francis Zampese Top of South Performance Middleweight
Geoff Cmbes Top of South Performance Heavyweight
Vaughan Lucking Canterbury No Entry Heavyweight
Matthew Denton Canterbury Production Lightweight
Michael Denton Canterbury Dual Heavyweight
Colin Davidson Auckland Performance Super Heavyweight
Debs Davidson Bay Performance Lightweight
John Paverd Auckland Performance Lightweight
David Tillman Canterbury Performance Middleweight
Mark Hursthouse Auckland Performance Heavyweight
Peter Johnson Canterbury Production Middleweight
Barry Cole Auckland Performance Heavyweight
Bernard Mcgillen Canterbury Production Super Heavyweight
Mitchell Denton Canterbury Production Middleweight
Amanda Norris Canterbury Performance Lightweight
David Norris Canterbury Performance Heavyweight
Kurt Smith Canterbury Performance Middleweight
Alex Morris Canterbury Performance Heavyweight
John Sherlock Auckland Performance Heavyweight
Chris Gant Canterbury No Entry Heavyweight
Trevor French Auckland Performance Super Heavyweight
Bob Louden Auckland Performance Middleweight
John Petch Other IBRA Assoc Performance Middleweight
Wayne Osborne Auckland Performance Super Heavyweight
Allen Rogers Bay Performance Heavyweight
Bob Jelley Canterbury Performance Heavyweight
Robert Deighton Manawatu Performance Lightweight
Murray Shaw Top of South No Entry Middleweight
Theo Vondervoort Bay Performance Super Heavyweight
Alex Stol Auckland Performance Heavyweight
Graham Ingall Bay Performance Middleweight
Natalya Heilbron Auckland Performance Lightweight
David Heilbron Auckland Performance Middleweight
Terry Helm Canterbury Performance Super Heavyweight
Rudolph Meltzer Canterbury No Entry Heavyweight

Total Entries = 47

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